Providing the highest quality of rehabilitation services. What a concept.
  • “They have become one with us, not a vendor who works for us.”

    —Shawn Litton, LNHA/Executive Director

  • “The therapy program provided in the skilled nursing portion of our campus is above reproach…they have become part our staff family!”

    —LNHA, Bryan, Ohio

  • “We so very much appreciate knowing that Concept Rehab is at the helm of our Rehabilitation Program.”

    —Ohio LNHA/Executive Director

  • “After struggling for months to improve Part A RUG distribution, Part B caseload development, and audit– ready documentation, a partnership with Concept Rehab began.  Through customized and strategic approaches, CRI has significantly impacted each of these areas in just three months.”

    —OH, Administrator

  • “Throughout my career as a DON and a clinical consultant, I have worked with many therapy companies. CRI has out-performed them all.”

    —Deb Kriner, RNC, Nurse Consultant

Customized Approach

Customized Approach

Does your therapy provider deliver customized and strategic program options?

Concept Rehab does. We recognize that every partner has unique strategic needs. Whether you need to focus on census development, specialty programs, physician alignment or post-acute care alliances, the professionals at Concept Rehab will create a customized business strategy for you.

The process

In addition to routine collaborations, we set initial strategy meetings with each customer and follow up with quarterly calibration meetings to track outcomes and assign new priorities.

CRI spends a great deal of time and resources on developing and implementing systems to manage the therapy program. Our goal is to provide the most effective, yet thorough care to your residents and to eliminate daily disruptions for you and your staff.

Because each partner has unique needs, your program is specifically tailored for you…what a concept!

Become a Customer

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