Providing the highest quality of rehabilitation services. What a concept.
  • “We so very much appreciate knowing that Concept Rehab is at the helm of our Rehabilitation Program.”

    —Ohio LNHA/Executive Director

  • “The therapy program provided in the skilled nursing portion of our campus is above reproach…they have become part our staff family!”

    —LNHA, Bryan, Ohio

  • “Concept staff directs and provides an extremely high quality therapy program and has made it possible for many of our residents to return to their apartments and/or homes.”

    —Executive Director, Northwest Ohio

  • “CRI excels at resident satisfaction and outcomes; reimbursement knowledge; integrity; and their strong desire to meet the needs of the client.”

    —Nurse Consultant

  • “After struggling for months to improve Part A RUG distribution, Part B caseload development, and audit– ready documentation, a partnership with Concept Rehab began.  Through customized and strategic approaches, CRI has significantly impacted each of these areas in just three months.”

    —OH, Administrator

Innovative Programs

Innovative Programs

Become a leader in next generation post-acute care partnerships

Concept Rehab is leading the charge with unique, differentiated programs to reduce hospital readmissions, data tracking to support value-based purchasing initiatives and networks to access utilization trends by geographic region.

We support the creation of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to coordinate care among the continuum of providers to ensure patients receive the right care at the right time, avoid unnecessary duplication of services and prevent medical errors. These partnerships are successful when patients receive high-quality care and healthcare dollars are spent more wisely.

Together we will forge post-acute partnerships to collectively address the ongoing problem of escalating costs, re-hospitalizations and re-admissions.

Expect Innovation; Achieve Results…what a concept!

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