Providing the highest quality of rehabilitation services. What a concept.
  • “After struggling for months to improve Part A RUG distribution, Part B caseload development, and audit– ready documentation, a partnership with Concept Rehab began.  Through customized and strategic approaches, CRI has significantly impacted each of these areas in just three months.”

    —OH, Administrator

  • “CRI excels at resident satisfaction and outcomes; reimbursement knowledge; integrity; and their strong desire to meet the needs of the client.”

    —Nurse Consultant

  • “Throughout my career as a DON and a clinical consultant, I have worked with many therapy companies. CRI has out-performed them all.”

    —Deb Kriner, RNC, Nurse Consultant

  • “We so very much appreciate knowing that Concept Rehab is at the helm of our Rehabilitation Program.”

    —Ohio LNHA/Executive Director

  • “They have become one with us, not a vendor who works for us.”

    —Shawn Litton, LNHA/Executive Director

Technology and Compliance

Technology and Compliance

Do you have the technology and personnel resources to maintain an audit-ready therapy program?

Maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations is a full-time job. Our compliance programs follow the latest post-acute care trends and market changes, including ACO development, rehab reimbursement and integrated alliances. Our Compliance Director is a certified medical coder and occupational therapist. We also have an RNAC-certified nurse on staff to assist with documentation and MDS coordination/optimization. We pass this knowledge onto our clients which enables them to provide outstanding service and delivery.

We utilize Casamba Smart Software to provide tracking and trending data, automated and customized reports, benchmarking and metrics, as well as point-of-service documentation through handheld devices. All information can easily be shared with your team.

Maintaining superior clinical standards while securing margins…what a concept!

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Our compliance solutions help companies remain viable and profitable without ever compromising care. To learn more, please contact Concept Rehab at 800-297-1194 or


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