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Checklist: Evaluating Your Therapy Provider

As a SNF leader in the year 2021, it is critical that your focus vacillates with the evolving demands of today. When you set your focus on therapy, it’s important to note that every therapy provider should be delivering table stakes of excellent rehabilitation services with notable quality outcomes. A best-in-class provider delivers more than exceptional clinical care and outcomes, but empowers partners in every aspect of their business as to achieve optimal financial and operational goals with a vested interest in the long-term success of each customer.

To help leaders evaluate their current model or provider, dive into this checklist and see how you can magnify your strengths and diminish your weaknesses when it comes to the rehabilitation program at your SNF.

At Concept Rehab, our customers are more than a contract, they are relationships. When evaluating your current provider, consider the solutions that Concept Rehab delivers and ask yourself these key questions:

  1. Is there opportunity to elevate clinical and financial results?

  2. Is my current provider a true partner with a vested interest in my success?

  3. Does my provider propel my industry knowledge and equip me with tools and resources that support SNF operations?

For additional questions or to speak with a Concept Rehab post-acute care specialist, please contact Caryn Enderle, Director of Business Development at or 614-570-2404.

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