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dedicated to our core values

Concept Rehab is a nationally known provider of contract rehabilitation services and business navigation services for senior post-acute health care providers.


We serve skilled nursing facilities, long-term care, assisted living and outpatient care throughout the Midwest. Additionally, we offer management and consulting services for skilled nursing and long-term care facilities that employ their own staff.


We employ clinicians throughout the Midwest who live by our core values of Commitment, Respect and Integrity, and bring experience working with all types of organizations, ranging from government, nonprofit, for-profit and multi-facility chain companies.

Founded by therapists.

 operated by therapists.

Founded in 1978 by Joan Bayer, MA, PT. Since then, we’ve remained a privately held company, owned and operated on all levels by experienced therapists. Because our leadership team members have worked both on the clinical and management sides of health care, we offer a unique perspective to ensure high-quality care with innovative cost-saving measures.


Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, we provide services in the following states.

  • Ohio

  • Iowa

  • Wisconsin

  • Michigan

  • Pennsylvania

  • Kentucky

 Dedicated to our core values

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