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With many intersections between therapy and MDS that impact clinical, quality, and financial outcomes, we bring an innovative approach to therapy and MDS services to enhance overall performance at each intersection. At Concept Rehab and our affiliate, Engage Consulting, we have overhauled the traditional approach to offer next-level, high-value solutions to providers, while providing the benefit of bundled pricing.

Unlock new value through integrated therapy & MDS solutions.

Because MDS accuracy is at the heart of optimized outcomes, providers need advanced solutions beyond standard service models to unlock new value. Our service models are designed to work for you, with three levels of support we customize our services to meet your specific goals. Each service model is designed to elevate therapy and MDS to meet organization-specific needs.


Maintain current MDS staffing and program structure and execute program changes through shared best practices and industry insights.  Our Signature Fast Forward 6 Month Catalyst Program is included in our rehab program offering.  


A blend of facility-employed MDS nurses and Engage Consulting’s tools, processes, systems, and consulting expertise, advance the clinical and financial outcomes of a SNF community.  An additional per bed fee is charged for these services.  ​


Complete program development, management, optimization and accountability by Engage Consulting Senior Leadership.  MDS nurses are assigned to each location with daily management to assure best-in-class MDS outcomes. ​

Advanced solutions that address:
  • Recruiting investment and challenges

  • Hiring shortages and sign-on incentive costs

  • Turnover and training costs

  • Accuracy and audit risks due to inexperience

  • Shifting labor to cover floor shifts

  • Quality measure and 5 Star rating

  • Potential regulatory risks of inaccurate or incomplete assessments

  • Knowledge and time gap creating missed opportunities with:

    • PDPM coding

    • Case mix optimization

    • Quality Incentive Payment capture

  • Shortfall in best-practices due to staffing limitations and barriers.


We are a team of highly experienced therapy, nursing and management professionals with extensive backgrounds in post-acute care. Our 360-degree view of the industry and personalized approach moves beyond mere rehabilitation and consulting with close collaboration to instill new practices.

Therapy & MDS Success Solutions




As experts in post-acute care, we help providers advance their operation. With excellence in therapy at our core for over 40 years, we deliver 360° value through customized solutions that are structured to accelerate results to meet individual financial and operational goals.

360° value helps providers shift for new demands to drive quality and results.

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Accelerate results with The Fast Forward program. This 6-month, up-front intensive program infuses analysis, training, resources, and process to expedite clinical, financial and quality results when implemented at the facility through coordinated therapy and MDS services.

Accelerate results with the

Fast-Forward Framework.

Therapy & MDS Services Header.png



Implementation of tools and processes to drive quality measure and five-star performance that positions facilities for VBP eligibility and quality incentive earnings.

Tools to promote VBP eligibility and quality incentive earnings.

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