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are the lifeblood of our business.

We've structured our organization around providing a supportive atmosphere for therapists to thrive- both in your role at the facility and within the company. That means:

  • A "customer service" approach toward serving our employees, with highly accountable managers and a corporate office that truly values you as an individual.

  • Training opportunities to continue growing your skills and advancing your career

  • Robust support programs, systems and technology to help make your daily tasks more efficient and effective

  • A compliance department dedicated to providing regulatory guidance and support so you can focus on doing your job

Powering Potential

of our employees at every level.

Powering potential for growth

Dynamic work setting

Our therapists work in clinical settings with a wide variety of diagnoses and treatments. This multidisciplinary environment allows you to expand and hone your professional skills through daily opportunities for integration and learning.


Free CEUs

While many outsource their continuing education courses, we create our own. Our ConceptU provides free quarterly approved continuing education units courses to all therapists (FT, PT, PRN).


Leadership development

We support your professional growth and promote from within. You’ll enjoy structured programs to build leadership skills and opportunities to explore and build experience in management and clinical development.


Powering potential to make a difference

Satisfying Work

Skilled nursing is one of the few treatment settings where clinicians can engage in the full continuum of care. You’ll make a difference you can see, by playing an active role in helping people regain their independence—and return home or to a setting of their choice.


Beyond the Therapy Room

Our therapists do more than treat the patient. You’ll empower their loved ones and caregivers with guidance, tools and education that enhances all aspects of their lives, making an impact that extends far beyond the therapy room.


A Voice in the Company

As an employee, you have a voice in our company. You’ll have the opportunity to get involved in strategic planning committees and contribute your ideas and perspective to help us get better every day.

"We are committed to powering your success at every level."


We believe every person has a story that guides their path. And we’re here to support yours.

Your Story Matters
Your Story Matters-2
Your Story Matters
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