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Comprehensive and interactive PDPM planning tool for managing transition across your SNF
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Individual department action plans

  • Executive Leadership

  • Patient Navigation

  • Compliance Practices

  • Therapy Considerations

  • MDS Implications

  • Clinical Ramifications

  • Billing & Business

Download the PDPM Implementation Blueprint that includes a fully comprehensive list of strategic initiatives that every skilled nursing facility needs to address for a successful transition to PDPM.

The PDPM Implementation Blueprint includes:

  • Detailed list of activities for each department

  • Interactive timeline management functionality so that teams can establish major milestones

  • Calendaring so that administrators and managers can track and manage strategic initiatives to ensure completion prior to the PDPM go live date.

executive leadership

Level Set Initiatives

  • Obtain a detailed understanding of PDPM (regulatory, clincial and financial)

  • Obtain key consulting/vendor support to assist with PDPM trasition

  • Identify how EMR will change and vendor training services

  • Create opportunities to update referral sources on pending changes


Analyze Financial Implications

  • Analyze PDPM Impact on Revenue Variables 

  • Analyze PDPM Impacts Cost Variable 

  • Consider PDPM impacts on MDS staffing variables 

  • Consider PDPM impacts on therapy staffing variables 

  • Consider PDPM vendor/contracting impacts

  • Determine PDPM total Risk Analysis

  • Determine Budget Methodologies for FY 19 PDPM/RUG transition

  • Determine Budget Methodologies for PDPM FY 2020

  • Analyze PDPM Financial Impact

  • Create new benchmark/dashboard lead indicators


Direct and Lead Change

  • Identify key personnel for planning and implementing PDPM transition

  • Establish key project milestones

  • Map work flows and planning framework

  • Create internal champions and promote staff buy-in

  • Identify and resource external education/training for key staff

  • Develop an accountability system and dedicated reporting system


Determine Payor Mix Implications

  • Evaluate total impact by Medicare A volume

  • Determine impact on other payors - Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Create a new PDPM All-Payor Benchmark


Make Judgements and Implement Change

  • Decide what to do with new MDS available capacity hours

  • Determine ideal patient profile for greenlight admissions

  • Determine clinical factors that should redlight admissions