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Updated: Jun 17, 2019

SNF’s are continually having to change focus and jump through hoops of regulatory changes including a new survey process, meeting Requirements of Participation phases, QAPI, Quality Reporting Program, Quality Measures, 5-Star Ratings, and the list seems endless.  Many providers haven’t had time to begin thinking about how they will handle the PDPM implementation, which is just around the corner.   This poses a very relevant question for many SNF’s: Where do I start?

Incorporating QAPI Many aspects of PDPM will require operational shifts and will need a facility to consider current procedures surrounding their care delivery.  All of the required training, education, assessment of your facilities current state, and procedure finessing can be incorporated into the facility QAPI (Quality Assurance Performance Improvement) program.  The first step for success under PDPM is to understand PDPM at its core. You will quickly realize some of the key changes and operational shifts that will take place under PDPM.  Your care delivery systems and clinical programming can be evaluated, strengthened, and optimized to be successful using Performance Improvement Projects (PIPs).

Where to start A few of the most relevant/impactful areas to start would be focusing on the overall accuracy of the MDS assessments. This includes:

  • Ensuring that your process for ICD10 coding aligns with PDPM

  • Encouraging use of an interdisciplinary approach to coding GG

  • Ensuring the accuracy of coding in section GG

  • Making sure the clinical team is proficient in documenting the clinical complexities of residents and capturing skilled services that are rendered

At the end of the day a provider’s ultimate goal is to provide the best care possible to the resident’s and to have the best quality outcomes. Concept Rehab has developed an Interdisciplinary template called PDPM Implementation Blueprint that you can customize to develop into a comprehensive PDPM implementation plan for your facility. 

Download the blueprint to use as you are determining your next steps to prepare for PDPM. 



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