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Updated: Oct 9, 2019

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As healthcare professionals, we’ve likely heard the staggering statistics on the Baby Boomer generation and how they are changing the way healthcare marketers communicate.  

The loud message for post-acute care providers is that your patient’s health AND digital acumen is changing, prompting SNFs to think differently about how they influence this savvy demographic. 

How do I meet their needs?  It’s about thriving… not aging.

The Baby Boomer generation is not slowing down, rather they are active and engaged in their everyday life with a drive to live and not age.  With their growing involvement in fitness and a passion for staying active, coupled with their heavy use of the internet, this generation drives a shift in how post-acute care providers need to market themselves.  Today, you need to go above and beyond to support resident’s longevity and health IQ in a relevant way where they access marketing content: online.

Considering what we know about the needs and habits of this demographic, the good news is that SNFs have a new opportunity to reach boomers by incorporating digital marketing strategies that address their unique needs with many free and sometimes paid tactics. This may sound complicated or expensive, but what does this really entail for a SNF?

Here are best-practice tips that nursing homes should follow in order to stand out from the competition and disrupt census dips with a digital marketing strategy.


Below is a breakdown of the digital patient journey that allows you to 1) reach, 2) build trust and 3) nurture prospective patients and care-givers using the digital marketing channels that they use most.

Step 1: Reach Your Audiences

Gone are the days of relying solely on traditional media such as flyers, newspaper advertisements and street side billboards to promote your facility. Today, technology allows us to reach people with advertising and online search results when and where people are searching. With the following tactics, SNFs can capitalize on this discovery by appearing in those search results and offering the information that visitors are looking for. It’s important that your facility doesn’t ignore this, often free, marketing opportunity to attract new patients and caregivers.

Organic and paid search advertising: Optimize online search by making your website appear in search results when residents and caregivers search for anything from “Nursing homes near me” to “tips for staying active longer”. This can either be a paid placement or free (organic) using a blog, described later on in this article.   

Display advertising & retargeting: Pay for digital advertising placement for those who have demonstrated an interest or intent to search for a nursing home. Publish a digital ad that highlights your facility, star rating or special features and drive users to your website to learn more.

Google listings: get found in local search results with Google My Business by claiming your business and making sure that your contact information is up to date.  Learn how to claim your business with Google here. 

Step 2: Build Trust 

Once you capture the attention of your audience, drive them to your website and social channels to demonstrate value, build trust and stand out from the competition. These properties are a key part of your marketing mix and the following best-practices are important must-have components in this day in age.