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Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Emily Meindertsma is one of Concept Rehab’s newest Physical Therapists in the state of Michigan who took a leap of faith in a brand new community after moving from Virginia soon after she got married. A sense of community and belonging has always been an important facet in Emily’s life and she was determined to build these new relationships in her new home state. Emily and her husband quickly became involved in their church where they made connections with amazing people very similar to them—devoted to helping others.

Hope Water International

Hope Water International is an organization launched in 2017 that raises money to build wells to provide clean water in Africa. Without these wells, individuals have to walk miles for unclean water that can lead to death among the youth due to infection as well as unsafe conditions for women traveling alone.

“Access to clean water is foundational to the development of any community. It restores hope and unlocks potential, bringing life back to a community.” - Hope Water International

Hope Water International partners with communities to bring clean water to the people of Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Emily’s church is one of the many partners of HWI that delivers a fun, highly personal race experience for people of all ages.

2019 Grand Rapids Marathon

Emily has a long-time passion for running. She has participated in many half marathons before so she knew her involvement with the church and their partnership with Hope Water International would allow her to raise money for something she is passionate about, build new relationships within the community as well as promote fitness and well-being.

Leading up to the marathon on October 20, 2019, a group of 50 or so participants meet every Saturday at a local park to run as well as very Tuesday for their shorter “Tuesday Trot” training. Emily mentioned that she attends as often as she can and when she does, she always makes sure to run with someone new to continue meeting new people and to hear their inspiring life stories.

“Exercise is a great bonding opportunity. The people in this community are very passionate about running and devoted to helping others.” - Emily

Community Matters

Everyone has a story that guides their path. Emily’s long-time passion for running has helped guide her to a new place, with new people, where she could build a new sense of community and continue to promote health and wellness through an organization that has a special meaning to her. Now in her new home and in her new position as a Physical Therapist, Emily has continued to build a story centered around her passion for wellness and a sense of belonging.

If you would like to make a donation to Emily’s fundraiser, please click here.


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