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5 Learning Modules   |   10 Nursing Contact Hours


Invest in MDS and invest in the success of your facility.

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What participants are saying:

"I am so enjoying the series MDS Academy.  I went into it thinking it would likely be a veiled, hours long sales pitch … but am so glad I showed up.  Both Tammy and Jennifer have taken on quite dry subjects but hold my attention with their straight forward, bottom line information that I need… and easy to understand explanation of many concepts that baffle my newer staff."

Concept Rehab, in partnership with Tammy Cassidy of T.L. Cassidy and Associates, is offering our MDS Academy of Excellence for MDS Coordinators to gain valuable insights and participate in real-time training to take their skills to the next level.​

This interactive education series will take MDS Nurses on a journey “beyond the basics of MDS” where they will refine their skills and learn tips and tricks to effectively manage all aspects of the MDS Department with a focus on:

Optimizing Reimbursement and Accuracy 

Driving Quality Programs

Organizing and Structuring MDS Department

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In this five-part series, MDS Nurses will learn and demonstrate competency in core areas that will assure accurate clinical and reimbursement outcomes propelling your organization for optimal success.  Strengthen MDS competency with

  • Mock Coding Scenarios: As MDS consultants, we have collected commonly miscoded items on the MDS and infuse this in training scenarios to bring clarity to MDS Nurses.

  • MDS Resource Library: Access our complete library of forms, tools and resources that power your MDS Department to be well-organized and efficient while maintaining regulatory compliance.

  • Realtime Collaboration: Our experts are here for you.  Throughout the program, collaborate live with real-time questions and discussion and see feedback and responses from peers.

Over the course of 2 months, 2-hour training modules will be offered two times per month from 12:00 - 2:00 with interactive pre and post course work.  A total of 10 nursing contact hours will be earned.  


Program cost: 5 training modules & resource library is $475 for unlimited participants in your facility.



MDS Nurses will refine their skills and learn tips and tricks to effectively manage all aspects of the MDS Department with a special focus on: 

Optimizing Reimbursement and Accuracy 

Part 1   |   March 17, 2022

Medicare A Skilling Criteria and PDPM Optimizing Accuracy

Medicare A Requirements

  • 3-day stay 

  • 60-day spell of wellness

  • Advanced Beneficiary Notices

  • Skilled level of care 

  • Medicare secondary payer

  • Physician Certifications and Re-Certifications

PDPM Optimizing Accuracy

  • Pre-admission records

  • Primary diagnosis

  • Predicting CMGs at time of admission

  • Tools to predict CMGs/payment

  • Interim Payment Assessment

  • Documentation compliance

  • Huddle meetings

  • Collaboration with IDT

  • Triple Check

Part 2   |   April 7, 2022

Managed Care and Case Mix Management 

Managing Managed Care

  • Insurance reimbursement

  • Updates to Case Manager

Case Mix Management

  • Medicaid payment calculations

  • Reading and interpreting case mix reports

  • Case Mix Management

    • Tracking case mix

    • Proactive reviews

Driving Quality Programs

Part 3   |   April 21, 2022

Quality Measure Management

  • QM User Guide

  • Accessing and reviewing reports

  • Management strategies

Part 4   |   May 12, 2022

Quality Reporting Program and 5-Star Rating

Managing QRP

  • QRP overview

  • Accessing and reviewing reports

  • Reviewing reports for accuracy

  • Management strategies 

Nursing Home Compare and 5-Star Rating

  • Overview of NH Compare

  • Overview of 5-star system

  • Reviewing facility preview reports

Organizing and Structuring MDS Department

Part 5   |   May 20, 2022

Effective Management and Leadership of the MDS Department

  • Leadership and management of MDS department

  • MDS completion process

  • Accountability with IDT

  • Effective meeting management

  • Audit and appeals process

  • Communication with leadership





Jennifer, a Registered Nurse has devoted her career to the long-term care industry for the past fifteen years, where she has expertise in MDS, Case Management, QAPI, Quality Measures, Compliance, managing audits and appeals, and previously served in the role of Regional Director of Clinical Reimbursement.  Jennifer currently holds multiple certifications from AANAC including RAC-CT and RAC-CTA and QAPI Certified Professional designation from AADNS.  Jennifer has worked with Concept Rehab, Inc. since 2013 and currently serves in the role of Director of Clinical Reimbursement where she provides valuable expertise to customers, clinicians, and peers as it relates to post-acute care, reimbursement, and SNF regulations; and manages the audit and appeal process for Concept Rehab.  



Ms. Cassidy has over 26 years of long term care management experience including Charge Nurse, Care Team Manager, Director of Nursing, MDS Coordinator, Corporate Clinical Compliance, Corporate Risk Manager, and Vice President of Clinical Quality.  She is also a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in the State of Ohio, and has worked with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, specializing in MDS, as a DAVE2 surveyor.  She is certified in Gerontological Nursing and MDS, and is the President of T. L. Cassidy & Associates, LLC.  A major focus of Ms. Cassidy’s is to raise awareness of the MDS process, correct coding, and reimbursement.  She is the past president of OANAC (Ohio Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators) and is the proud recipient of the American College of Health Care Administrators, Ohio Chapter, Education Award in 2017.

Each individual MDS Academy Course is approved for 2 contact hours for nurses.  


Concept Rehab, Inc. is approved as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the Ohio Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. (OBN-001-91)

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