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Every year, Concept Rehab recognizes exceptional employees who stand out through their kindness and care for those around them. This is done through the Jim Gamble award, in honor of Jim Gamble who worked at Concept Rehab for 13 years as a PTA. For those who had the honor of working with Jim, you understand not only what a great person he was but how he continuously exemplified unwavering commitment, respect and integrity with everything that he did. Jim passed away in April 2015 but we commemorate his legacy every year with this award.

It is our honor to announce the 2019 Jim Gamble Award winners!


Cecilia is a Physical Therapist as well as the Therapy Program Manager at Graceway in South Haven, Michigan. She has been working with Concept Rehab since March of 2007, and according to her, “I will retire from Concept, no doubt!”

“She makes others want to be better therapists and patients work harder to achieve their goals. She has a way of pushing others to be better while also being compassionate and caring.” - CRI colleague


Jeremy is a Physical Therapy Assistant at Friends Care Community in Yellow Springs, Ohio. He has been working with Concept Rehab since July of 2009.

“He cares about patients healing and it shows. Just ask them. He even takes personal time and brings his banjo or guitar to play for long-term and rehab patients to brighten their day.” - CRI colleague


Caryn started working with Concept Rehab in September of 1996 as a speech-language pathologist for a skilled nursing facility in Mansfield, Ohio. After 16 years of clinical practice, and wearing many hats as a TPM, Clinical Director for Speech Therapy and Area Rehab Manager, she transitioned to our Director of Business Development.

“She is dedicated, positive, enthusiastic, and kind with everything that she does. No matter the challenge or opportunity, she approaches it with total commitment and you can rely on her to get it done.” - CRI colleague

Congratulations again to these well-deserving CRI employees and thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination for the Jim Gamble Award. It is exciting to see how many Concept Rehab employees took the time to honor their colleagues. We can’t wait to do this again next year!



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