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Starting in October 2020, the following Skilled Nursing Facility Quality Reporting Program (QRP) measures have become publicly reported on Care Compare:

  • Percentage of residents with pressure ulcers/pressure injuries that are new or worsened

  • Percentage of residents whose medications were reviewed and who received follow-up care when medication issues were identified

  • Percentage of residents who are at or above an expected ability to care for themselves at discharge

  • Percentage of residents who are at or above an expected ability to move around at discharge

  • Change in residents ability to care for themselves

  • Change in residents ability to move around

Of significance, the last four measures listed directly relate to GG Functional Ability scoring that is documented at the beginning of a Medicare A stay and then again at the end of a Medicare A stay. These numbers can be directly correlated to how therapy and the facility work together to improve a resident’s function as it relates to self-care and mobility during a skilled Medicare A stay. Accurately determining the GG scores and recording them correctly on the MDS can influence performance on these measures.

Quality measures impact census as referral sources as well as families use these measures and others to make decisions on where a resident should receive post-acute care. A strong therapy provider should align with the SNF on advanced clinical programs and interdisciplinary integration to assure excellent quality outcomes. MDS staff and therapy should collaboratively review the reports available in CASPER for accuracy and corrections.

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