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Revolutionizing Outcomes: The Power of Integrating Therapy and Clinical Consulting

Integrating Therapy and Clinical Consulting: A Game Changer for SNFs 

In the rapidly evolving landscape of skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), staying ahead of the curve requires innovative approaches to therapy and clinical consulting. Recognizing this need, our team completely re-engineered our service model to cohesively combine best-in-class therapy with our nationally recognized clinical consulting services. The results have been remarkable. 


A Unique Model in the Market 

We began with a clear mission: to create a service model that targets the most critical needs for providers and doesn’t exist elsewhere in the market. We were intentional in not settling for two siloed services. Instead, we aimed for a seamless integration that maximizes the benefits of both therapy and clinical consulting. This industry-leading approach has led to meaningful and sustained results for our clients. 


Tangible Financial Improvements 

The impact of our integrated services is evident in the financial improvements seen by our clients. For instance, many clients have experienced over a $55 a day increase in Per Patient Day (PPD) rates for Medicare under the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM). Additionally, a case mix enhancement has contributed an additional $6.50 per day for Medicaid residents. 


One notable success story comes from Ohio, where a client earned an average of an additional $41.50 per day through the Quality Incentive Payment Program. Furthermore, their Five Star ratings improved significantly, with one location increasing by one to two stars over a 12-month period. 


Supporting Ongoing Success 

Beyond financial gains, our commitment to client success is reflected in our support initiatives. We have developed a comprehensive suite of new employee trainings designed to ensure ongoing success for our clients. These resources are tailored to empower staff and enhance the quality of care provided. 


Creating Capacity for Future Opportunities 

The integration of our therapy and clinical consulting services has not only driven immediate improvements but also created capacity for additional opportunities and secondary benefits for our SNF partners. The efficiencies gained allow our clients to focus on expanding their services and improving overall care quality. 


Looking Ahead 

In an industry facing constant change and new challenges, our innovative service model stands out as a beacon of excellence. By integrating therapy and clinical consulting services, we have set a new standard for quality and financial performance in SNFs. Our clients’ successes are a testament to the power of this approach, and we are excited to continue driving positive change in the industry. 


For more insights and to see the impact of our services firsthand, watch our video here. 



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