What Lenders are Looking for in the Post-Pandemic Landscape

As we recover from COVID-19, most SNF providers continue to struggle with low census and high costs. Looking ahead, Financial Lending Partners are working diligently to help providers gain access to needed capital resources. Lenders understand the financial consequences of the pandemic and are evaluating providers’ loan requests based on key historical pre-COVID utilization metrics and their current operational strategies to return to previous performance levels. Concept Rehab connected with Brad Granger and Talel Aissi from Lument Financial and Kenn Daily from Elder Care Systems Group to explore exactly what lenders are considering when determining loan application approval as well as what challenged providers can do today to increase the likelihood for future lending eligibility.


Although relief funds were critical for survival during the pandemic, lenders cannot attribute these disbursements as income for loan underwriting consideration because it is not standard reoccurring revenue source. Instead, lenders look at a combination of strategic operational and data-driven measures to understand how individual facilities have managed the pandemic, examining pre and post pandemic performance and strategies.

Strategic Operational Indicators Supporting Loan Approval

  • A strategic plan with implemented strategies in place to return census levels

  • Executed tactics for reengaging and strengthening hospital partnerships

  • Positive headline/media news demonstrating consumer confidence

  • Experienced leadership and positive past operational performance

  • Physical plant is in good condition and facility provides up-to-date photos, and ongoing maintenance records

Data-Driven Indicators Supporting Loan Approval